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The Conversation by Jennifer B.

Word count 231

Ratings: G

Scene: In the Great Room

“Well, things are going to be different now,” Murdoch mused. He sipped his late-night Scotch, appreciating its smoothness and savoring its taste.

His son nodded, his own drink left untouched in his hand. “I miss him already.”

Murdoch understood. The void to fill would be tremendous, and the days to come would be difficult. “We can do this, Son.” He reached across to lay a reassuring hand. “Together.”

The young man nodded absently. He twirled the glass. “It’s just…” He sighed. “Oh, I don’t know…he’s…he’s gone.”

Murdoch’s smile was sad, bittersweet. “I understand,” was all he said. Long minutes ticked by. Finally the patriarch rose, set his glass on the table and beckoned his son to bed. “Come on, Son.” Then his smiled brightened. “It’s just a honeymoon. He’ll be back.”

“Yeah,” came the answering snort, “but in what condition? This is Johnny we’re talking about.”


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