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Needling Teresa by Jennifer B.

Word Count 629

Ratings: G

4th in the A New Family Series

Scene: Teresa, in her room alone, knitting

So I told them to think of me as their sister. I wish I hadn’t said that. Because I’m not so sure I can think of them as brothers. Scott and Johnny. Johnny and Scott. Gosh, they are good-looking. 

Scott sits so tall in the saddle, so unlike most of the cowboys here in California. He’s so proper, so dignified. And a quick-study, too: why, he changed right out of those Boston clothes and got himself a heavy Colt, too. And wow, wasn’t that something when he jumped that fence with that palomino? Now he’s taking to learning the ranch, just grabbing that bull by the horns, too. I’m breathless.

And a little scared. Of Johnny, that is. Oh, not that he’d really hurt me; he seems to respect women. But he *is* a gunfighter. Hmm, I wonder how fast he is. I’ll probably never see; I would maybe like to, but then again, maybe not. He does have a way with horses, though. The way he tamed that palomino was a sight to behold.

What’s it going to be like here with them both home? I should probably knock before entering their rooms, but I don’t want to. After all, sisters, true sisters, don’t bother with knocking, do they? And besides, if I don’t knock, maybe, just maybe I’ll get a glimpse…No. I can’t think that. They’re like my brothers. Like. But not really. <giggle>

I’ll never forget that first day at the stage depot. Both of them there, neither one knowing about the other. Wow, that was a shock. To everyone, including Murdoch. He sure wasn’t expecting them both.

Murdoch sure is proud of them. I know it. Oh, he wouldn’t say it to their face but he’s just got to be. I mean, they saved the ranch and Lancer has been his everything for my entire life. It’s been a big part of my and my Daddy’s life, too.

I wish Daddy was here. He’d love to see them both home, I bet. He’d be so happy for Murdoch, finally getting his family back. Well, as much of it that’s left, I mean. Now we are all a family. Not a proper family with all the kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, but a family anyway. A new kind of family. I like that.

And I like having Scott and Johnny as brothers. I bet all the girls in town are going to be jealous of me. I’ll be able to really get to know them and those girls won’t. Wow, can you believe it? Me, living with not one but two handsome young men!

But I can’t think of them like that. I really can’t. They think I’m a sister and I’ll have to keep it that way. I’ll just have to ignore their hard bodies, their laughing eyes, their heart-stopping smiles. Oh, dear sweet Sadie, will I be able to do that? I’ll have to concentrate on my chores. Yes, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll do their mending and help with cleaning and cooking, like I’ve always done. And knitting. I’ll get better so I can darn their socks.

Oh, gosh! I stuck that needle in me again. Ouch!


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