Penny Rose, Penny Rose by Flynnie


Word count: 130

Penny Rose, Penny Rose
A little darling I suppose
Those teeth of yours can’t compete
With all the gold laid at your feet

You have the mouth of a horse
Which helps your screeching voice of course
Turn on the mute and watch Murdoch Lancer play
With Cloris Leachman as he strips her corset away

Everything in Lancer Land always ends happily we say
At least for the Damsel in Distress of the day
The Lancer boys always must end with a sweet kiss 
Their passing chance at love is always a miss

So come to Lancer Land and see our boys
Playing with horseshoes and other cowboy toys
Come for a kiss and a chance to become
One of the lucky women to join all the fun

~ end ~



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