Blind Man’s Bluff- Watching Her Disappear Into Dust by Flynnie


An episode tag for Blind Man’s Bluff

Word count: 340

Barefoot, he was running as fast as his legs can take him through the field, across the grass, and down that gravel road. It would never be fast enough. 

Didn’t they hear him?  Surely, they can hear his screams. Mattie!

The carriage wasn’t that far away or was it? Where is she going?  Why is she leaving without me? Maybe if I cut across the meadow I can catch them. Why won’t she turn around?  Why won’t they stop? Who is that driving her away from me? Why did she leave me?  Why couldn’t she wait for my bandages to be taken off?  What’s the hurry?

Mattie, why are you leaving me?

His legs could no longer carry him forward, his bare feet were getting worn.  He collapses in the middle of the road and falls to his knees. The image of her driving away in that carriage his last vision of her disappearing into dust.

It was at that moment he opens the white piece of paper he’d been squeezing in his hand while he ran barefoot through the field. He opened the paper and revealed the message she had left him.

“Becuz I luv you.”

He realized it was over. She’s not going to turn around and come back. He would never know what she looked like, never feel her soft skin, never smell the lavender and honey suckle hair. He would never touch her again. How he loved to touch her.

In the distance, a 6-foot-5 mountain of a man approaches at a slow and steady pace. Hesitating for just a beat as his heart breaks watching his son dissolving into a puddle of a man in the middle of the road. 

The son gradually looks back up at his father – eyes filled with sorrow. The father gazes back, and in that instant, they connect seeing into each other’s soul.

Walking up directly behind his son, reaching forward to squeeze his shoulders, he breaks the silence.

“I’ve got you, son.   Let’s get you up and go home.”


~ end ~



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4 thoughts on “Blind Man’s Bluff- Watching Her Disappear Into Dust by Flynnie

  1. This is lovely. I wanted to see Murdoch or Scott going to Johnny. He looked so forlorn at the end. Just Murdochs hand on his shoulder for comfort would make the difference and your story is what I like to imagine happened.


    1. Thanks so much Jill. Always great to have someone enjoy my stories. I had a hard time with the way Blind Man’s Bluff ended and thought that the writers totally missed an opportunity with Murdoch and Johnny. Even if they had just filmed Murdoch walking towards a devastated Johnny on the ground at the end would have cinched it.

      After all, who knows better than Johnny what he is feeling having someone he loves leave with only a note.


  2. Thanks Sue – I only wish I had been old enough to be a Lancer writer. Of all the endings, that one they blew in my opinion.


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